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I hope you are well, I started writing this blog on Monday, it’s now Tuesday…that shows you where my day went! I just sat down to answer emails, get a tonne of editing done, put a wash on and now we are here.   I haven’t blogged in ages, more down to lack of time but today I am writing about the value of good family photography.

I offer a variety of sessions, from newborn to outdoor family sessions.  My studio sessions last around 1 hour+ (longer if a newborn session)   I have always felt photography, particularly family photography is of great importance.  Capturing your baby or child at that moment in time is a huge thing, to capture them at a time which will pass and never come again is meaningful to most.


The problem with photographing children is getting them to sit still for more than two seconds.  Dependent on their age and understanding this can have a huge effect on how your session will go.  This is where I believe time is of great importance, why I understand children need time, time to relax in this strange environment (studio) time to get to know me, this stranger sitting there with a big camera.  It is very important I have time so I can build a rapport with the child/children and most importantly give them time so they don’t feel scared or overwhelmed.   These are all very important factors for a successful session.

You will see a number of ‘special’ offers online ‘Book with us and get a 10 minute session for only £10 and free digital files!!’  For some folks this is all they want or need.  Get a quick session in, hoping for a few smiles and off we go.  Of course I understand budget is a factor, I also run mini sessions, short sessions which last 10-20 minutes at certain times of the year.

The flip side of doing this may or may not work out how you would have hoped.  When time is limited and little one is not playing ball the session can suddenly change into a high pressure situation.  Everyone starts to get stressed as the results are not being attained.  You may come away feeling upset at your child, the photographer or with yourself.  Afterwards you may receive a small number of photographs, there may be one photo you purchase.  This may be all you need and that’s absolutely fine but has that photo captured your little one’s amazing personality?


It is my personal and professional preference not to rush.  I like to think clients return to me with their children because they know there won’t be this pressure and patience shall be applied.  This is where the investment comes in, my time, my skills and ultimately producing photos you as the client are happy to hang on your walls.  Now some full sessions do not go to plan, there are problems or someone is just not themselves on the day.  For me it is very important you come into my studio, feel welcomed and relaxed.  Your children feel the same and have fun!  Leaving you with a good selection of quality photos you are delighted with and feel capture your little one as they are.  You have invested in me and I in return have provided a good quality service from start to finish.



I do not consider myself to be a massively expensive photographer but I feel I am worth what I charge.  The time, attention and care I put into my sessions, editing and after service makes me believe I am worth that investment from the client.  What is the old phrase ‘You pay for what you get’ now I love a bargain, I love the feeling when I have got a great deal but when it comes to photos of my own children, I know I am happy to make a sound investment in capturing a moment which will never come round again.

Have a great day!

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