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The circle of life!

September 1, 2017

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So I'm a business woman now...Yikes!

February 6, 2017

Last year was crazy buckets! I signed my very first commercial lease and decided to dive straight into being a full time photographer/business woman. 'I rock' I thought to myself...

What most tell you (especially my caring Mum) running a business will be hard but I would describe it more like turning your life upside down!  The number of hours required, the going above and beyond at every turn and most importantly being a mum to two small human beings.  You have to run a home, cook a decent meal and make sure everyone has clean pants to wear.  I will be very honest when I say my partner and I were underprepared, overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of 2016.  We have learnt some valuable lessons.  We are working towards a more harmonious balance with our family/work life and we accept (and will tell anyone) the first year of business REALLY is the hardest.


How I wished I looked in the morning!  


Why? Why? Why do I set myself these challenges of being my own boss? Well there is the important fact you are also a provider, that's important to me.  I enjoy earning my own money and contributing to the family pot.  The fact I can work from home and manage my hours around my children is a bonus.  Although housework can suffer, clothes everywhere and dinner may be repeated two nights in a row as I've forgotten to do the grocery shop BUT there will always be clean pants! ;-) And a big one is.... I’m in charge of my own DESTINY...SAY WHAT! 


I love being my own boss – nobody tells me what to do, there are many positives but that’s a big one.  However, I have to be disciplined and very motivated with the working hours, which to my surprise I have not found to be a challenge due to turning my passion into my job. There are of course aspects of business I don’t enjoy such as tax returns! Yuck!


When I look at my children it makes complete sense to me why I have run with this venture.  I want them to know if they work hard in life and follow their passion, they can achieve whatever they want.  It's not just about the money (which by the way is not in buckets in the first year) for me it's about quality of time and freedom of choice.  I can work from home or studio, negotiate the school run (always a minute to the bell!) but I'm there and of course present in my children's lives, which is very important to me.  


Someone once said to me '99% of people don't enjoy their job but they have no choice, it's life, you just have to get on with it’ That was enough motivation for me to say to myself every morning 'I want to be that 1% who does love what they do’ I will reinforce this, particularly to my daughter that you can be your own boss, you can set up a business and you can make it a success.  The only thing holding you back darling is you.


Thinking about it...I know so many ladies in my town who are already doing it...running their own businesses, long may it continue.  Right, I'm off to wash some pants, make meatloaf for tea and read myself some business bedtime stories (or maybe on how women shall inherit the earth ;-p)


Leon...one of the reasons I get up in the morning...



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